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Water & Photography. This series is about having those two dear friends close to me. Water and time, roots of my genes.

Water contributes to my fulfillment. Being pleasant, useful, essential, my senses delight in it. Immersed or barely splashed, I feel well, better. Surrounded, wrapped, nearly diluted within this tactile presence. Diving brings me additional awareness of my surroundings, the world all around me. Learning to melt, blend, abide by its rules.



Exhibit Lightboxes


For the exhibition of the "O'Gènes" photographs, the author developed a presentation support perfectly suited to display transparency of underwater lights. There are backlighted frames with photons passing through the image towards the observer.


The design of these exhibition frames meets the author expectations in terms of rendering and allow integration into various environments. Each light source, made of LEDs with low consumption, is dristributed and aranged by hand to enhance the image. This work draws on his training as a film shooter and using analog enlarger; its allows to achieve dynamic ranges that are superior to conventional prints.


Three sizes are available: 60x40, 80x60 et 120x90 (cm).


The structure of the frame is made of solid wood (beech), oiled with a white tint and underlined by a black varnished rim. The low voltage light source has electronic regulation which allows fine adjustment of the intensity and other comfort functions (time programming, light detection) are available as options.

The power supply voltage is 5V (25W max.), a 110V or 220V transformer is provided.


The manufacture, assembly and adjustment are carried out by the author.


Photographs series display on backlit frames

Even light complies. Photons are absorbed and produced, light is diffracted, diffused by those moving and living fluids. Sight seems reduced but one could experience astonishing spectacles, revealed light rays and halos prompt the imagination.

Bodies, figures are also transformed. Liberated from gravity, they are simultaneously relieved, twisted but observable from any direction. Anything diving conforms, to better exist.


Photography - the passion teaches me how to let time take its course, from this instant to a touch of eternity. The passion that slowly consumes me, while inciting me to enjoy every remaining moment.

Being nude in water is an evidence. Photographing, a need.

"I particularly admire the quality of his fine prints. Without the rich tonalities and crisp details, these images would not be such a pleasure to view."

Don Sanders (Art Collector)

Fine Art Prints of the Photographs curated by the author are available as limited editions (all sizes included). They are numbered, signed and have been dry marked using the photograph seal.

The FA Print numbering is limited from single Original up to 30 copies maximum (all sizes included) depending on the photograph.


These prints are made using the technology Digigraphie by EPSON. They are made by (or under the supervision of) the Photographer.


The process, papers and inks used guarantee permanence ratings exceeding 200 years (cf. Wilhelm-Research for details). Depending on the photograph, the prints are made on matte 100% coton RAG (acid-free) paper or on "baryta silver like" paper; the minimal paper weight is 260gsm.


Each FA Print sale is accompanied by a certificate of property (note sale) signed by the author and specifying the exploitation rights.


The prints are subject to the French Intellectual Property Code (Law No. 92-597 of 1 July 1992).

Limited Edition Prints


Ses cheveux dans mes yeux


This new book project focuses on the essence of my passion by presenting only photographs of my wife Anne over 25 years of Art nude Photography, of common life. This is a Visual Story, the birth of a passion since we met and subsequent evolution along 25 years.



  • Hard cover, coffee table book (with dust cover)
  • DUO-toneOffset Lithography
  • 160 pages (121 photos)
  • 30 cm x 22 cm
  • Stochastic raster
  • Made in France (by Escourbiac Imprimerie)
  • ISBN: 978-4-905008-01-9




The idea of this book of nudes stemmed from a desire to show a Distance. A number of observers had commented on its presence and its key role in my photographs. At the time I had no idea that my emotional approach could in part be based on this, and I concentrated on simple measurable physical distances. And then, through conversations and the benefit of hindsight, I came to see a whole set of distances, often as intangible and multidimensional spaces...

Préface by Don Sanders.



  • Hard cover, coffee table book (with dust cover)
  • Offset Lithography 4 colors
  • 168 pages (144 photos)
  • 29.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 2.3 cm (1.4 kg)
  • 3 languages (French, English & Japanese)
  • Stora Enso Art Paper - 200gsm
  • Stochastic raster
  • Spot varnish on Photos
  • ISBN: 978-4-905008-00-2


The mini-Prints "25 d'EllE" and the "Cards" are an alternative to the Fine Art limited edition prints.

With reduced dimensions and out of limited editions, those prints offers are perfect for those who want quality prints with affordable prices. 

Those prints are made by the photographer and signed.

The selected photographs are not available as limited editions, another way to start a collection.


Two offers are available:

  • 25 d'EllE: a selection of intimate photographs from the book "Ses cheveux dans mes yeux". Print size is 24cm x 18cm.
  • Cards:  19cm x 13cm print of a selected photograph.


25 EllE & Cards



Merci de votre interêt à ces créations photographiques.

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